Group Chief Operations Officer

Job Description

Focus on the establishment and optimization of day-to-day operations in the Group. Lead a team comprised of Country Managers, Operations Managers, supervisors and associates to ensure best in class customer service is delivered on a daily basis.
This position is in Nairobi, Kenya and will require up to 50% of travel both regionally and internationally.

KRA 1: Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness

  • Set operational and / or performance goals for each country;
  • Oversee all administrative functions, ensuring daily operations are effective and productive;
  • Oversee legal activities are conducted as per set policies and procedures: client contracts, partnership agreements, leases, etc.;
  • Monitor and develop staffing plans to ensure proper staffing levels — manages labour costs, overtime and retention;
  • Oversee implementation of professional training and development, including new employee orientation;
  • Monitor the inventory management process;
  • Streamline the logistics process and fleet management within the Group to ensure on time and accurate deliveries to customers;
  • Ensure all departments are fully informed of operational objectives;
  • Conduct regular meetings with department heads to ensure that priorities are clear;
  • Monitor departmental performance against performance goals;


KRA 2: Policies and Procedures


  • Develop and implement Standard Operating Procedures to facilitate execution of the Operational and Environmental, Health and Safety Management Plans;
  • Develop plan for implementing new business processes to support measurement of business performance and progress;
  • Support departmental teams under direct report to develop work plans to enable them achieve set business goals.


KRA 3: Facilities Management

  • Oversee the implementation of the group operating model which includes; Environmental Health & Safety; security management, facilities management for all the subsidiaries;
  • Direct and coordinate construction/repairs and maintenance activities to ensure the facilities deliver business & customer value, for agreed scope, on schedule, within budget, and at a defined quality level including managing issues, decisions & risks, and escalation to management as needed;
  • Manage all facets of the service delivery model including but not limited to, day to day facility operations, strategic facility planning, compliance, facility & equipment maintenance and purchases, all soft services, security, IT services, and EH&S. This is accomplished through applying proven leadership abilities, experience, and knowledge while strictly adhering to regulatory/compliance procedures and requirements.


KRA 4: Stakeholder Management

  • Provide clear direction for service providers on expectations, develop and implement clear & achievable service levels with remediation and escalation procedures for disputes and oversee all contractor delivered programs to ensure adherence to group standards and policies;
  • Continuously solicit stakeholder feedback on the program and appropriately leverage the feedback to establish goals, direction, and a vision to improve or expand the program with a focus on cost savings and scalability;
  • Serve as a liaison and build meaningful relationships with; sales teams, customer service, transportation, facilities, finance, audit teams, corporate quality and other teams;
  • Facilitate resolution of issues between departments.


KRA 5: Budgeting and financial management

  • Work in partnership with the management team and board of directors to create annual and strategic plans (short and long term);
  • Accountable for developing and managing the operational expense budget, driving cost reductions, cost efficiencies, and optimized contractor management;
  • Develop, establish, and direct the execution of operating policies to support overall Group objectives;
  • Plan, develop and manage budgets, P&L for facility, and be responsible for long-range planning, cost saving initiatives, succession planning and overall warehouse oversight;
  • Manage and direct departments to meet their budget targets and financial goals.


KRA 6: Risk management

  • Implementation of the Corporate Risk Mitigation Plan, which includes the coordination of periodic business audits and follow-up plans for corrective action and continuous improvement;
  • Manage emergency response to situations and liaise with external stakeholders such as fire and police departments, insurance and regulatory agencies, etc.
  • Ensure quality control of all subsidiaries output as pertains to customer acquisition and delivery of services;
  • Assess the principal risks for the Group and to ensure that these risks are being monitored and managed;
  • Ensure that processes and systems are in place and updated in order to mitigate operational, financial, legal and reputational risks;

Personal Specification

Academic & Professional Qualification

BS/BA Science, Engineering or related degree, Master of Business Administration


Relevant Professional Experience

  • 8-10 years of combined experience in operations/ management, customer relations, facilities management or environmental health and safety program management;
  • Broad understanding of facilities management and EH&S compliance requirements;
  • Demonstrated experience in managing supplier relationships;
  • Demonstrated experience developing, implementing Standard Operating Procedures, Guidelines and Policies;
  • Expertise in contract management and customer relationship management;


Skills Competency:

  • Hands-on leadership experience in operations;
  • Strong organizational and people management skills;
  • Flexible approach, and able to multi task, while growing with a fast moving environment;
  • Ability to lead, plan and manage change;
  • Ability to communicate effectively at all levels;
  • Strong time management skills;
  • Think strategically; the ability to stand back from practical details and take a longer –term and more conceptual view of the organization and its environment;
  • Proven advance computer literacy (MS office);
  • Ability to work independently and in teams;
  • Energetic, independent, self-motivated personality;
  • Strong team spirit, flexible but persistent and result-oriented;
  • Excellent oral and writing knowledge in English







Job Level